Back to chaos…

Back to chaos…

It’s been an interesting weekend, as usual! I substituted in the Primary at our church, filling in for the pianist who wasn’t available. A member of our bishopric asked Cameron and I to come in a few minutes early before church to meet with him and SURPRISE – not only was I substituting, they also wanted to call me to be the new Primary Pianist! So, here I am. The new pianist! We’ll survive this, right?

School starts tomorrow for Cameron and I, and Olivia, of course, goes back after a regular weekend out of school. On the bright side, I can very obviously see more and more how well she’s doing in class, how comfortable she is with her teacher and friends, and how happy being in school is making her. 🙂 She’s definitely a structure-kind-of-girl, she loves Kindergarten. I think she really would have thrived in full-day Kindergarten, but there must be a reason for her to be in this half-day… one big reason, I’m sure, is her teacher whom she ADORES. 🙂 We’re definitely excited for 1st grade, which is just around the corner. Olivia takes a test on Tuesday at school that will help us decide if we want to place her higher next year, in the advanced class, for the 1st grade. On the not so bright side, when is going back to school again ever fun for adults? (Okay, I’m a nerd. I can’t stop looking at my new pencil and checking my SLCC email. Oh my, lol. I’m excited.) 🙂

I’m going to do my best to keep up with my goals – pie and blog included! – but I will definitely have more on my plate. Not to mention family, meals, home, laundry, sanity… but isn’t that what motherhood is all about? Finding a way to make things work when it just doesn’t even seem possible? I guess at least we’re not having to deal with soccer practice, piano lessons, mutual meetings, and hours of homework on top of all of that… well. Yet. 😛 And I guess the hours of homework, I do! Except it’s my homework and not Olivia’s! 🙂

I’ll definitely be back tomorrow, and with photos of course. 😉 Wish us luck on our first day!

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