And tomorrow makes 10…

And tomorrow makes 10…

… days since I’ve updated the blog. That counts weekends so I guess I’m a little squish off the hook. But still hooked, for sure.

Have the thank you notes gone out?

No. I’m so so so very sorry.

Has my floor been mopped in the past two weeks?

YES, but I believe it was my husband who so kindly did it. MOM FAIL. *hangs head*

Has life been one big interruption after the other ever since January 11th when school started?


It has been crazy. To make up for this insanity, I will tell you, happily, that a pie post is coming up soon, I bought the ingredients for my next pie this morning while grocery shopping. To make up for it even more so, here are some photos of our week. 🙂

This game is called “The Blinkin’ Turtle” (Blinkin’ read Buh-lean-kin.)

You climb up to the stairs landing, hang over the edge, and blink. You’re a turtle. (Don’t ask.)

Yes, my son is dressed like a logger. Isn’t he cute?

Wee bit o’ booger in this shot, but he looks so much like my brother, I had to share.

DAN – how weird is this? MOM – I know, right?

Playing “Unicorn” involves much more drama. Note the gracefully pointed toe.

“Wait a minute, Livia… if you’res a unicorn, where is yours horn?”


(But not as lovely as her I-just-did-17-loads-of-laundry-and-mopped-12-different-people’s-kitchen-floors hair. She got that FROM ME.) 😛

And to not disappoint the appear-on-your-own-blog people… I just got my hair trimmed:

I know, I know – time for a haircut, but no time for blogs last week? Well, let’s just say my options were: a) scare the neighbors away while my hair behaved much like the locks of Medusa’s lovely head, or b) sit at home and hide writing blogs with my hair tied back tightly and permanently (muzzles included). I chose to get it cut at my have-you-out-faster-than-your-daughter-can-spit-up-her-lunch place. They’re fast. So fast it frightens me. But when you have three children, a husband, an entire household to clean up after, enough laundry to clothe another country, and you’re in school full time? Fast is good.

I won’t disappoint you with promises of writing every day next week. I will, however, say that I will make an honest effort this coming week. More “soon”. 😉

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