Utilizing the Christmas gifts

Utilizing the Christmas gifts

Know what this pile of pretty paper scraps means?

The time has finally arrived – Olivia decided that she wanted to actually put her Cuttlekids machine to real use. “Let’s make Valentines!” So the crazy cutting began. We decided on 34 valentines and hopefully we’ll have leftovers after doing her Kindergarten class and her church class.

Olivia wanted to do “Love Bugs” – so this meant 68 bodies (two ovals per bug), 34 heads, 68 pairs of feet, 34 hearts, 68 eyeballs… and some very tired hands and a little girl who was SO done sitting still. At least the portion of it that she did participate and sit still during…

We used both Olivia’s machine, the “Cuttlekids”

and my machine, the Cuttlebug.

Despite all the annoyances and frustration once she found out that this wasn’t going to be a two-minute project, it wasn’t terrible. πŸ™‚ She got to use her machine, and even Daddy helped cut out some hearts with the Cuttlebug. πŸ™‚ I’m sure once she starts putting everything together and seeing the Love Bugs come to life, she’ll be excited again. Plus, she gets to attach heart shapedΒ  suckers to each one! Isn’t that the most exciting part of the Valentine? The goodies!

I’ll post the Love Bug Project again once they’re finished. πŸ™‚

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