With sincere apologies

With sincere apologies

I’m so sorry that I’ve been gone for so long. I’ve just had so many things on my list to finish and while it seems like time is flying by so fast I can literally see it, then I look at a calendar and realize March? It’s ONLY MARCH?

Mother, wife, student, housekeeper, cook, nanny, primary pianist – the list goes on! How I’m managing to balance all of my “hats” right now, I’m not really sure. But I am! (Okay, except for the “creative writer who keeps up with her blog” hat! Darn it!)

Here are some photos to tide you over that are long long LONG overdue. As a more reasonable, and workable, goal, I may try posting once a week rather than every day. Since, not only is that definitely NOT happening, but it’s a bit daunting to have that added to my list of things I didn’t get done by a deadline. That’s not what the blog is about, it’s supposed to be for my family and friends, and ME. My outlet. So – we’ll see if that works better. 🙂

Before Duncan’s birthday, Bonnie sent a package for Duncan’s birthday and Liv’s “unbirthday” – here are the photos, enjoy. 🙂 More soon. Or. Well. Soon enough. 😛

(Bonnie: I’m SO sorry I didn’t get these posted sooner! Enjoy!)

Bit on the goofy side… lol. 🙂 She was trying to show her new boots but wasn’t smiling. I asked for one, I got one. 😉

Yeah. My kid’s in pajamas. Got a problem? LOL, YOU try to get them off of him. I dare you. I’m lucky if I get to wash the thing once a week. He has this thing for footie pajamas. I think it has to do with Rae and the fact that she’s been wearing his hand me down suits. Regardless, he’s obsessed. I’m hoping that he’ll at least part with it this summer (via some of his superhero short and tee PJ sets) so he doesn’t suffer from heat stroke in the evenings.

The tools came in a huge set that Duncan adores but as you can see, he wanted to model with his favorites. 🙂 He immediately noticed that the battery that slides on and off of the tools was JUST like Daddy’s and quickly learned how to slip the battery on and off all by himself.

Duncan also got a cute Mickey race car outfit (Liv’s was Princess) but he didn’t want to get dressed, so obviously… no photos of that, LOL. Little punk ruining my photo fun! But he loves the shirt and wears it a LOT. Today he tried to convince me, as I was doing laundry, that his sweatshirt had so many germs on it that he needed to change. It wasn’t until I saw the shirt that he had snuck off of my bed and into his room, that I realized he was now trying to change his mind and wear (and dirty) a second shirt for the day! I made a deal with him and we agreed that he could wear the shirt tomorrow. 🙂

Again, I apologize for being so late with these photos. I’ve got photos of other events of February – namely the three birthdays – as well as a post about a pie and 17,000 cakes that filled the month of February. *faint*

PS: Thanks for the gifts, Bonnie!

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