Olivia has been sick off and on, your basic kid stuff.

She woke up with pink eye on Friday, 3/12. We kept her home from school, took her in, they prescribed eye drops.

It spread to eye #2 on Monday morning, with complaints of ear pain late Sunday night.

Monday morning we kept her home from school, took her back in and it had indeed spread to the other eye (swollen and dark red, poor girl) and she had an ear infection on the corresponding side. They put her on amoxicillin (a form of penicillin) and sent us home.

It was early enough on Monday that we were able to send her back to school on Tuesday (3/16) not contagious. (Believe me, after all the sickness we have to deal with due to people sending thier kids sick and contagious to school and church, we are very careful before sending her anywhere.) Everything was going fine, her ears were feeling better, pink eye was completely gone. She started feeling like she had a cold on Sunday (3/21) night, and yesterday morning she was miserable, lethargic, congested – the works. I kept her home from school again and encouraged her to rest, the basic cold-remedy things. Monday (3/22) night I gave her a dose of the antibiotics as well as some Cold & Cough medicine before bed and as she was changing into PJs I noticed she had little red dots on her abdomen and up her chest. I had her turn around and they were on her back as well. Her face was mildly red in areas, almost as if she was just warm. I decided not to worry and to send her to bed to see how things looked in the morning.

I told Cam about it this morning before he left and we decided to check it out before sending her  back to school in case it was something more serious. He left for work before 6:30 this morning. Olivia got up 30 minutes later and the rash was EVERYWHERE. From the tops of her ear lobes down to her toes, red dots everywhere. Her face had gotten much worse, the red spots had formed into red dots like the rest of her body and then those had formed into large bright red patches on her cheeks. This obviously wasn’t planning on being ignored. So, with the Doctor’s office not being open and fearing it was an allergic reaction that could travel to her breathing, I grabbed a few things for the kids, shoved them into a backpack (the things, not the kids) and drove us all to the ER.

This is how her back looked this morning before we went to the ER, it’s surprisingly difficult to get these to look as bad as they are in person. Every part of her body was covered exactly like this, even her ears.

Her face was the worst though:

(I apologize for my focal points being off. She was hardly willing to stand at all, let alone stand still, so my camera was up to a challenge.)

I was glad I had grabbed the bag and Rae’s juice. Rachael and Olivia both hadn’t even had breakfast yet, poor girls, and we had to rush off. We brought SpongeBob animal crackers, juice for Rae, and toys and books. Olivia, of course, requested her “365 Stories & Poems for Girls” book that she got from Gma Cole for Christmas last year. She LOVES this book! 🙂

Poor girl reading her stories. Ugh, I’m really disappointed with the photos, my camera nor my camera phone could get an accurate representation of the spots and blotches. They’re so much worse in person. 😦 They seem to disappear into her skin with the camera.

The doctor came in and looked her over, and asked if she had had her vaccinations. He agreed with me that it looks identical to measles, and that was exactly why he had asked about her vaccinations. Fortunately, Olivia HAS had all of her vaccinations and it was not measles. It turns out the classic reaction that she was showing appears in the form of a “measles-like” rash – meaning, it looks just like measles, but instead she’s allergic to penicillin. While this is a major drag, it’s something that we can definitely prevent from happening again, thank goodness! She’s not contagious, just needs to be off of her current medication for her ear and eyes (which he checked and said have cleared up), and if she complains of pain or itching to give her OTC allergy medication.  She got to keep her gown. 🙂

We’ll be keeping her home from school until we see the doctor (no school on Wednesday, so luckily that day will already be given, and her appointment with the doctor is Thursday morning at 10:10am) and hopefully it will have cleared up and she can head back on Friday to finally get back into the swing of things… just in time for Spring Break, haha!

So there you have it. As Olivia said on the way home: “Now I’m allergic to a fruit (strawberries) AND a medicine.”

… and ALL on just day TWO of us getting back to “normal” schedule with Cameron back at work. Great timing, penicillin. Great timing.

2 thoughts on “Uh-oh.

  1. That’s too bad. At least it wasn’t something to serious. I am glad that she will be okay and eventually feel better. MyKayla had a rash like that all over her body when she was 2. I took her into the doctor and she is allergic to strawberries. The joy of being parents. Love you all.

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