Easter Goodies!

Easter Goodies!

The kids got an Easter package from Bonnie & Bill in the mail, here are photos. 🙂 (Please excuse messy hair from ballet and semi-messy faces from pizza for dinner!)

Leave it Cam to get this kind of smile out of Rae… what a catch, lol. 🙂

Liv got a Tweety bird nightshirt and a bunny with long monkey arms (and candy!).

Thanks Grandma Bonnie & Grandpa Bill!

Duncan got Spiderman pajamas, a blue bunny… hat? Same bunny, different color, and whole different sense of humor, lol. Way to go Dunc. 🙂

Oh, and candy. 🙂

Thanks Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa Bill!

Discovering that no one was going to share toys and candy with her (also known as no one wanted slobber all over their wrappers and bunnies), Rae headed upstairs to find something else to play with.

Then she heard the kids open the chocolate covered peeps wrappers…

Holy dirty face… this is the kids’ favorite activity with Rae. I’m sure at this point they were standing on the opposite side of the room shaking their bunnies at her, lol.

More soon. 🙂

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