Rachael’s Birthday

Rachael’s Birthday

Due to limited space (imagine that!) and the fact that it’s a LOT of work to post all these photos each time, I’m going to cut down the number of photos for normal posts. Granted, birthdays, dance recitals, etc. I will probably post 100 10 or so photos each. 😉 I tend not to write much when I post a lot of photos and for me that was part of the reason of even continuing this blog – a family & friend connection, a writing tool, and a literal online journal for me. But when I post these photos and just record little blurbs, it’s only really great for keeping track of the photos, but nothing else. I have all the photos on my external drive, I can look at those anytime, whereas the journaling will not always stick around for me to see. It has to be written down for me to remember.

I’m trying to decide what the best method (easy as a main factor) would be to share all of my photos without having to upload each one individually. I really like flickr’s format, but they put a cap on your account unless you pay to use it for “business” purposes. If frecklefeet was still in full swing, I honestly would just pay to remove the cap as I need room for those photos too. But it’s not, and I’m broke. No fly there.

The next thing I can think of is photobucket but I need to look into it. On flickr you can make sets, a way to organize the photos. When I used to use photobucket, I don’t recall them having anything like that. Granted, it’s been a LONG time and I never really got “into” photobucket enough to tell for sure. I really don’t know of any other mainstream photo hosting services that are free. We’ll just have to see, I’m going to play it by ear until I get it all figured out, but I will post here once I’ve decided.

Now, that it’s April, let’s post Rachael photos! Haha, it’s been a while since her birthday but as I’ve said many times before, school is taking over my life. So without further adieu, here is my baby turning ONE! 🙂 Enjoy.

I made a silly mistake for Rachael’s birthday, well two really. I procrastinated on her cake because I was SO burnt out baking cakes every week. February is a hard month for baked goods around here, lol. (We ended up having pie for my birthday the next week.) Anyway, because I procrastinated on her cake I didn’t even think about the fact that we should have celebrated her birthday BEFORE dinner – maybe sometime that afternoon. Before Daylight Savings the kids were in bed, every night, at 6:30. So by the time we had eaten and were ready to open presents and eat cake – Rae was done for the night. Thus all the thumb photos… I tried everything to no avail. She was just too tired. I was just grateful that she was tired and not full-blown exhausted and crying.

Poor tired girl.

This was the look she gave me when I asked her to smile for mommy, “no thumb! It’s not time for bed yet, baby!” I don’t think she cared much for my opinion on what time it was or wasn’t.

“How about some crackers?” Apparently, this was the ticket. More food! Solves everything with this child. 🙂

This is the closest photo I’ve gotten to date that shows a pretty good idea of her eye color. My older two are both chocolate-brown like me, but Rae is practically the perfect mix between Cameron and me. She has a ring of brown in the center that pushes out into a dark blue. Cameron’s eyes are a very light blue, but she’s definitely a good mix of both. 🙂 In reality, her brown is very prominent and visible but this the best I’ve taken so far. 🙂

How we love our crackers. 🙂

This is Rachael’s cake. She LOVES Littlest Pet Shop and she is our bunny, so bunnies it was for the cake. As I said before – I procrastinated, my original plan was to try a method I found to smooth out the butter-cream frosting (recipes, methods, etc. are coming up in that post I was supposed to for February… oops, and then of course, March’s too.) Instead I ended up doing it like this and telling the compulsive side of me to go obsess over something else because the normal side of me was sick of cakes and frosting! Anyway, it turned out cute and she LOVED it. 🙂 Yummy too.

Not focused on us, but still cute. 🙂

Opening presents!

I love this look, haha!

A big Numbers board book from Great Gma Cole! Thanks Gma Cole! 🙂

More Pet Shop!

TinkerBell Bluray – she doesn’t really watch it, but she was excited to see TinkerBell. Eventually, when she gets older, she’ll enjoy the Bluray for its actual use, lol. 🙂

Daddy opened Rae’s Mrs. Potato Head. 🙂

Then we decided, presents are over, time for cake… NOW. She got a little bit of frosting but I caught her before her hand got to her hair.

After getting cleaned off, Rae was happy to see she could play with something. Her first baby! 🙂

With shoes! 🙂

Then it was time for cake. By the look on her face and her reluctance to touch the slice, I was beginning to think I had another Olivia on my hands… on Olivia’s first birthday she was very cautious about her cake. Breaking little bits off, pushing it around her tray, but none of this full on shoving handfuls in, rubbing frosting in her eyes FEEL THE BURN! action. Just very dainty. Clean.

Daddy tried to help, we kept telling her, “it’s cake! Eat it!”

But Daddy got distracted by his own cake and Rae was not happy, I mean, she had swallowed the first piece her gave her a full three seconds ago! Speed it up, Dad!

Finally, Rae decided to take matters into her own hands. Literally.

Happy Birthday sweetheart! We love you. 🙂

(We rocked our $30 budget for birthdays, got a lot for our money. The whole “10 or s0” photos budget for birthdays? Not so much…) 🙂

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