A Belated Happy Birthday Daddy!

A Belated Happy Birthday Daddy!

I couldn’t resist posting the sweet card that the kids did for Cameron:

Duncan liked the skateboarding tiger… cat… lion thing theme. This was about as involved as he got. He was too busy off being a boy, doesn’t care much for cards.  A lot like Cameron, lol. 😛

Olivia took over most of the “signing” process. I helped Duncan write his name, which he had no interest in doing, and I signed Rae’s name at the bottom corner. Olivia LOVES it when I hand her the birthday card for her turn… 🙂

She starts on the right-hand side, “Dod, I love… (she claims she forgot her “a-line”) [over to the top left] walking to… school!” The picture below that with the zigzags is her and Cameron walking across the sky bridge. 🙂 Then, “Being Super Heros!” She decided that Rae didn’t have enough so she wrote “I love Dada, Rae” for Rachael and drew a photo of her crying in her crib and Cameron walking in the room (via a triangle door?) to come and get her out, LOL. Man, you’d think I never walk the kid to school or rescue Rachael from her crib! 🙂

We love you Cameron, happy birthday babe. 😉

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