You’re on Candid Camera!

Right? RIGHT?

Unfortunately, no. This is the real forecast. See that little snow flake under Saturday, May 1st? I want a refund.

And HA – 15 mph winds, that’s just Salt Lake! West Jordan is registering at:

34 mph with gusts at 38 mph.

Oh Utah… you fill my spring and pre-summer days with mystery. Yesterday, my older children wore shorts, Rachael and I slipped on sandals. No need for shoes in this weather! Today? We’re back to Levis, shoes, and coats. Tomorrow? Winter…  gear… sniffle.

I think I’m going to go on strike on May 1st and not go out. At ALL. So THERE, weatherman.

One thought on “Surprise!

  1. Melissa,

    Don’t feel too bad; it’s doing pretty much the same thing here. We’ve got hailstorms, wind, rain, cold, more rain, wind, more rain, etc.

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