Back in the game, finally!

Back in the game, finally!

Yesterday was quite the day, we were out running errands from the second we left the parking lot of the school. On the bright side, this kept the kids busy. On the not so bright side, I was not exactly pleased when we walked in the optometrist’s office and Duncan spilled an entire container of Goldfish ALL OVER THEIR FLOOR. He picked them up, of course there were a few crushed one and crumbs, but honestly… I ignored them, thanked Duncan for picking them up, and moved on with the day. I’m sure they have a vacuum. At least I know that I was making other mothers that came in feel better about the fact that their children weren’t as messy as THOSE PEOPLE. Yeah, me.

Now, for the blog…  I took a well-needed break I guess. I’ve been on my laptop throughout the entire semester, have not missed a day. Seriously. Yesterday, I didn’t open it once. So while we were busy, and while I was eager to get back in the swing of things, I think it was a nice break.

So today, while Duncan happily watches Word World looking for the “Zorro letters“, I’m finally blogging. 🙂 (Click the “Zorro letters” link to see the video with Zorro (Z) letters!) This will be the first time that I’m going to try out the links via Flickr so that I can save a little space on my reserve for the blog. I was going to start with a pie post, considering that it’s  May and I’ve hardly posted anything… this little goal was apparently too much to take on while also in school, mothering, cleaning, cooking, etc. You know – a typical Melissa move. Mhmm. But then I decided, it’s been a while and the grandparents might be going through photo-withdrawl.

Easter! (Click here for the album of photos!) Yes, I know it was over a month ago – I told you, I’m behind! Nonetheless, here’s Easter. Poor Duncan was still trying to get over an allergic reaction to asparagus (he’s also allergic to Spinach… who would have thought!) and he was red, blotchy, and swollen. He woke me up very early because, well… he hadn’t slept! He knew it was Easter and since there wasn’t anyway to keep him in our room without waking Cam, or his room without waking the girls, I took him downstairs. He got to look at the Easter baskets but not touch, and he couldn’t play with any of the eggs. Despite the itching, I think he felt special, ha. 🙂

Olivia and Rachael got up a little while later and then the hunt for the eggs. This year Rachael was more mobile and could do more than spit up on my robe while the kids ran around looking for eggs. She found a lot of her own eggs and even opened a few. The kids got to pick a few pieces of candy, then it was off to breakfast and Conference after that. This year Conference was on Easter and it’s also the year we have morning church (9:30am) – I was SO glad. It’s ridiculously hard to do Easter morning, yank the kids away from candy and toys, dress them for church, and get out the door in a fairly decent time frame without waking at 5am.

We headed over to the Wagner Home later on for some Easter activities and lunch at their house. It was a packed house with all the cousins, except for Gabby, and all of Cam’s siblings (and their partners) there. They decided to hand out treats inside instead of going outside for an Easter Egg hunt, my kids were disappointed but I’m sure the candy helped. 🙂 Our planned Easter Egg hunt on Saturday was cancelled due to some lovely idiot at Kearns Rec that decided he felt like announcing the Easter Egg Hunt for 2:30pm that afternoon, and then proceeding to hold the Easter Egg Hunt at 9am that morning instead. A lot of parents and their kids were there, everyone was beyond upset. Cameron was upset, the kids were crushed, it was not a very good day.

All in all, it was a good Easter Holiday with some okay photos – I was more concerned with my child who consistently itched like a puppy with fleas. Then, the other child who walked around hating me. And the other child who wanted candy EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY.

Happy Belated Easter. 🙂

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