Wee small hours of the morning

Wee small hours of the morning

This morning around 5am Cameron woke me up. With Duncan wedged into my body and Cameron asking questions, I finally heard Rachael crying. As I jumped out of bed and walked into the hallway (while trying to steady myself) I was amazed that I hadn’t heard her crying before Cameron woke me. I walked into the room and went over to her crib and smiled and put my arms in, motioning for her to come to me and that I would get her out. She glared at me and rolled over, trying to hide in her blanket. A lovely grumpy morning, oh joy. I stayed perched on the corner of her bed and she rolled around, peering at me every few minutes and  pointing through the bars to Liv. Liv and Duncan will occasionally ask for sleeping-bag-nights, where they sleep in their sleeping bags on the floor in their rooms instead of in their beds – since the linens weren’t out of the wash yet I agreed, and apparently Rachael felt left out.

I lifted her out of her bed and she dragged her duvet-covered quilt with her and we sat on the floor. She sat on the floor for a few minutes, not sure what to do first and then grabbed a  Princess crown and came to sit in my lap. She pulled the blanket around our laps and pressed the button on the crown and just sat there, watching the red light blink frantically through the heart on the front of the crown. Every few minutes my eyes would begin to droop and she’d look up at me and point and mumble something that always included “dada” or “mama” or both.

She started pointing at Liv again, say “Oeea,” and finally knowing what a heavy sleeper Liv is and curious about all the pointing, I let her go. She slid from my lap and crawled across the floor to go lay next to her sister. Putting her head on the pillow she tried to pull her covers over her but they wouldn’t budge as her little body was laying right on top of them. I helped her yank them out from underneath her and put them on top of her. Liv shifted in her sleep and some of her hair escaped the sleeping bag. Rachael made a face and had decided that she didn’t like sharing pillows anymore. She sat up, took a Veggie Tales pillow from the floor next to their heads, and laid it down on the floor next to Liv’s pillow. Laying on this pillow she looked around the room, looked at Liv, looked at her blanket, then up at me and smiled. Then she would slink back over to Liv’s pillow, notice the hair again and move back. What a cuddle monster!

This went on for some time. Getting bored with her motionless sister, she popped back up and crawled over to me. Despite my sleepiness she was determined to play something and preferably something loud. Just as she reached the loud toys in her basket, Daddy’s alarm went off in the other room and I could hear him coming through the hallway. We got up, closed Liv’s door, and went downstairs for Daddy’s breakfast.

It’s funny how all children are so different. Olivia is a very heavy sleeper, you tell her to go back to sleep and she’s out like a light. Duncan is a very light sleeper, but he also will go back to bed after a few minutes. Rachael is an even lighter sleeper, you turn the door knob wrong – SHE HEARS IT. Literally, I kid you not. It’s a nightmare for forgetting things in their room, not remembering to turn the night-light on, etc. Once she’s up, she’s UP. But never have I seen a child, so quiet and so determined to just lay next to her sister.

Duncan is very cuddly, if you pay attention, he tends to have some part of his body, touching someone else’s body AT ALL TIMES. He can’t carry a conversation without touching the person. This reminds me, a LOT, of Brinsley. We used to tease and imitate her by touching people while we talked to them, giggling until our sides hurt! I never thought I’d see anyone like her again, I was wrong: enter Duncan. 🙂

Rachael is moving along that same line though, she loves “Sister Time” as Liv has dubbed it and can’t stand not being just next to someone when they’re so close but out of reach. I have a feeling that when she is moved to a bed, we’re going to find the girls, in their room, in bed – together. Two sisters, snoring away. 🙂 I can’t wait.

2 thoughts on “Wee small hours of the morning

  1. Haha, that sort of reminds me of me and Brin. Do you remember when she and I would push our beds together so we could sleep together in the same bed? Or how I used to come down to your room and try to squeeze into bed with you? Ahh, the good ol’ days :]

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