So much to do, so little time to do nothing

So much to do, so little time to do nothing

Now that I’m OUT of school, I have no idea how I survived while IN school! That semester I managed to keep my head on, complete my courses with great grades, and manage the children and the household. Minus a few laundry piles… 🙂 Now free of the homework ties for this semester, I’m trying to get back on my insan–normal (!) schedule for household duties, children, and a bit of relaxation… mixed somewhere… in there. This is proving to be slightly more difficult than adjusting to the school schedule. Eventually it will happen and I may even share a bit about how I divide up my time. Right now? No sharing, as… well — it’s not done yet.

Today’s agenda included taking and picking up Olivia from school, entertaining Duncan, trying to survive Rae’s mood ever since “the fall”, and trying a new spin on Banana Nut Muffins – all while trying to survive through the regular household junk. I just wish I could find my niche again and stay there! I’ve made a good dent in the two books I’m reading but my quilt squares sit gathering dust, untouched. The dresses for the girls? Fabric remains uncut and somewhere in my stash. Scrapbooking? HA! What’s that? You get the picture.

We’ll see how today goes and hopefully, day by day, we’ll get a little closer back to normal.

Well… normal for us. 🙂

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