Saturday outings

Saturday outings

The other day while chit-chatting with my mother on the telephone, it came to my attention that not only had I not mentioned our fun at Lowe’s Build & Grow workshops, but that I had never taken photos of it! So the following weekend I took photos of our Saturday morning and Lowe’s project.

This week in particular the project was a bird feeder – when the kids sign up for the first time, they receive safety goggles (which my kids won’t wear, Duncan prefers his orange ones, and Liv is just Liv) and an apron with a slot for a name tag. At the end of each project you receive a patch for that project and before you know it, your apron is full and Mom has many bent needles from trying to jab them through your not-just-woven-cotton apron. (This mama was a little overloaded without time to sew patches on, the kids actually have 8 patches total now but I think there were only 3 sewn on at the time. I’ve got almost all of them on now!) 🙂

Click this link to get the full set of photos and fun. Breakfast, a kiddo picture (and failed attempts), Rae in her element, and the bird feeders! 🙂

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