The Electric Company

The Electric Company

Like a light bulb switching on (no pun intended, Electric Company) Duncan has suddenly decided to allow the world to know his present capacities and future plans involving the alphabet. From zero interest to begging to play word and letter games on – it has been a complete transformation!

We’ve been working on new alphabet cards together involving superheroes, Transformers, and Ninja Turtles, and playing games like catch to decide who has to write a letter in chalk on the sidewalk. Much like Jason-beans (ha, Mom) and “O-for-Olivia!” this little man has suddenly found a new interest and level of excitement in letters and learning. But not Power Rangers, like Maddie – it’s Zorro: “Mom! [looking at letter N] That’s kind of like ZORRO’S letter!” He thinks it’s hilarious to watch people like The Butcher, on Electric Company, sound out their phonics and add different letters to make different words. (Click me to see the video!)

It’s amazing how quickly, and suddenly, kids grow up. It seems like just yesterday that Duncan was eating Cheerios off of the floor under my desk (Olivia thought she was so sneaky, “Dunky will NEVER find them here, mama.”) and falling asleep in the process. 🙂 My sweet boy is growing up! He loves Super Why, Curious George (one of Dunc’s favorite episodes), and Dinosaur Train, and Word World… (of course, we’re still nuts over Sonic, Transformers, Justice League, Super Friends, etc.) “Mom, did you know some dinosaurs EAT little dinosaurs?” “Mom, did you know some plants eat BUGS? Yeah, they do, I know. I saw it on Dinosaur Train.” “Mom, look George has five pennies now, we took two away!”

I’m so proud of my little man.

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