On the topic of pie

On the topic of pie

Rather than stressing out over the fact that I haven’t posted my pie posts on time, I figure, since I’m on schedule this month – I’ll just go with it. 🙂 This pie post is from March. 🙂

One week for Family Home Evening, we decided for desert that we would each make our own little pies. This is obviously a very simple recipe, in fact there really ISN’T a recipe! 🙂 I picked up some small graham cracker crusts and everyone decided on Chocolate pudding pie filling (go figure). After our lesson we all went into the kitchen to each make our own little pie.

We had cream, sprinkles, chocolate chips, chopped walnuts, gummy bears… you name it, we probably had it. Though almost none of it got used! Rachael, of course, was easy. We added a little cream on top of hers and she gobbled it right up. Cameron’s looked essentially the same, as did mine, and Olivia seemed to the be the only one who wanted to branch out. She chose extra cream and SPRINKLES! Wow. Look at our exciting creative lives, ha!

All in all, it was a fun activity for the kids, we had to pour the filling in ahead of time, they got to lick the beaters and watch as we carefully put all the mini pies on a plate and into the fridge to set. Daddy made the cream with a bit of sugar and we were ready to go.

The particular pack of crusts that I bought had six pie crusts inside, we just one package of instant chocolate pudding (made according to pie instructions) and had a small amount left over. I just filled a small Pyrex bowl with it and plopped it in the fridge as well for later. If you only buy a four pack, you will obviously end up with more left overs. I certainly didn’t mind, ha!

All in all, as easy as this was, it was a fun family activity that let the kids feel like they were actually cooking, baking, and creating something when it didn’t have that big of a disaster factor as other cooking or baking activities. Try it! The results were certainly delicious. 🙂

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