End of Kindergarten

End of Kindergarten

My big girl “graduated” Kindergarten yesterday with a great program put on by both teachers’ AM and PM classes. It was wonderful and other than the whining baby and Duncan laying on the floor underneath my tripod – fully enjoyable. ­čÖé The video is coming, though I’m not as proud of this one – as I said, Rae was exhausted (the program was RIGHT during nap time) and Duncan was under the tripod asking when we could go home and telling parts of the class to sit down… this made camera adjustments difficult. But considering I’m a photographer – NOT a videographer… I think with the two-cranky-children factor, I did an okay job. ­čÖé Good enough, right? ┬áThat video is coming soon, perhaps next week.

As for today, we’ve got her conference with her Kindergarten teacher and possibly a birthday party to attend tonight – she’s feeling under the weather, so I don’t know if the party is going to work out. ­čśŽ She’s been very good about laying down to rest and has had a good attitude about the whole thing ┬á– it’s a refreshing change! Let’s just hope she is feeling better (at least) by tonight – the party isn’t until 5:30, so we’ll see!

I’ve also been sick and I think, after some brainstorming of symptoms, that it may be time to cut out dairy yet again. Such is life I suppose, and honestly – other than my ice cream obsession – I really don’t eat very much dairy to begin with. Let’s just hope that the dairy is the problem and that after cutting OUT the rest of the dairy I eat, this┬áconstant┬ásickly┬áversion of myself will go away!

Off to dress the kiddos and get ready for Liv’s conference – happy end of school! (At least, to the fellow Utah-Kindergarten-parents!)

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