The Princess Party

The Princess Party

Olivia’s 6th birthday was on Sunday (the 6th) and we celebrated with her friends on Saturday! She had such a great time. Her only annoyance was that I insisted Duncan be allowed to attend. She had her heart set on a PRINCESS party and that everyone there had to be A PRINCESS. I dressed Duncan up (he kept taking off half of his costume throughout the party) as a Prince and told Olivia he would be “serving” her and her friends throughout the party and while she wasn’t happy, she was smart enough to know that there was very little chance that I would let her not invite her brother.

She invited eight friends from school and church to come for the party and we opted out of cousins this time as Olivia’s no-boys rule made it so only part of them could be invited – she decided she wanted to celebrate with her cousins at a family dinner instead, that way the boy cousins (like Jordan, whom she adores) could come and have fun too. All the girls got to lay together on the floor and color Magic of Pegasus pictures (a Barbie Princess movie) while we waited for all the guests to arrive.ย Soon everyone arrived (seven out of the eight we invited were able to attend) and we began the games.

The first game we played was The Enchanted Musical Slipper game, made up by yours truly. ๐Ÿ™‚ Essentially, the game is musical chairs but you’re sitting on the floor and you pass around the Enchanted Slipper. When the music stops, you press the shoe – if the shoe sparkles and plays a little tune, you’re safe. If you hear the clock tower, you’re “rags” as Liv would say and you’re out. The girls who were “out” got to pick out a BlowPop wand and dance around to the music. Cameron found Disney music on my Pandora account (we LOVE Pandora!) and we played it through our BluRay player.

When the girls went to pick out a BlowPop wand, each one had a crown taped to the front of it and on the crown was a number. The crowns came from the “Pin the Crown” game I found at Dollar Tree (score!) and the numbers were the order of the players – this made it SO easy to decide who got to go first, second, last, etc. at the next game. At Duncan’s party, the winner of the previous game got to go first at the next game but that turned out to make it so the older kids always went first. I tried to avoid that, and literally having to pick who went first, this time around. All I had to do was ask who had the next number and someone’s hand shot up or voice ย squeaked, “I’m number five!” They loved the wands. ๐Ÿ™‚

Next we decorated cupcakes, in lieu of eating cake and ice cream, and the girls got pretty creative! We had giant gummy butterflies, skittles, “diamond” sprinkles, colored sprinkles, bright pink frosting, and three cans of decorative colored store-bought frosting that came with decorative tips. They had a blast, eating fruit from the platter with toothpicks (thanks Demi!) and frosting and sprinkling their strawberry cupcakes – and as far as I saw, no one got any frosting anywhere but on their cupcakes! I was very impressed – sometimes I forget that girls are actually fairly clean and, unlike Dunc for instance, won’t dare wipe their hands on their beautiful Princess dresses! We put candles in Olivia’s cupcake after she had finished and sang Happy Birthday. The girls cheered and then we headed off to do presents.

Presents went well – I did the same thing I did at Duncan’s party where the birthday kid sits up front and the person giving the gift sits up front – this makes life SO much easier. You don’t worry about losing gifts or who gave what when the birthday girl is ripping things open, lol. It also makes for very clear pictures of which friends came and what they brought – good for embarrassing your friends later in life by scanning album pages into flickr or photobucket and then TAGGING your friends’ names! Muahaha… ๐Ÿ˜‰

We wrapped the party up by popping in Tinkerbell & the Lost Treasure (click me!) – I pushed for a Princess movie but meh, Disney, it works.

All in all, Liv came away having REALLY enjoyed her party and her friends, they brought some fun gifts and cute gift bags, and so much personality to the party! Once everybody warmed up it was hard to contain the excitement, lol. I’m glad I had her stick to inviting eight friends… I don’t know if we would have survived five more… bless you, Dollar Tree invitations in packs of eight! ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are the photos! Enjoy! (click me!)

Happy birthday, sweetheart, we love you!


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