Playing a bit of catch up.

Playing a bit of catch up.


NaBloPoMo Monday:

Monday, June 14, 2010
What are the five best bands you’ve seen play live?

  5. Okay, Karla was  pretty good. *coughTOMPETTYcough*

OH, and hello – Tom Petty had STEVIE NICKS as a guest. STEVIE NICKS. I’m 24 years old and I’ve seen Stevie Nicks LIVE. How many suburban girls my age can say that? Does it get better than that? NO. STEVIE NICKS!

Ahem, okay. And on to today…

Tuesday, June 15, 2010
What’s your superpower?

My superpower? Well, I’d have to say – using this as a right-this-very-second type of prompt – my superpower is the ability to IGNORE WHINY CHILDREN. While I have others (surviving months on three hours of sleep, remaining calm while children lose it in the middle of Walmart, buying groceries for a family of five once a week at a whopping $50, and moving furniture twice my size because weneedtohurrybeforedaddygetshome) ignoring Duncan when he’s like this is a feat all in itself. Duncan is now sitting on the floor granting me a repeat of last night from about 4:12pm and on. He’s whining, half crying, like someone has shot him in the butt with sleeping medication but he desperately doesn’t want to fall asleep. So not passing out or trying to run and play to stay awake, he’s choosing to sit on the floor and bawl his eyes out. Do you know how this started?

He lies on the bottom step of the stairs: “MOM, Olivia BETTER NOT step on me.”

I make him get off of the stairs and tell him that if he insists on laying on the stairs, chances are he WILL get stepped on.

I open the windows (to avoid dying of  heat stroke this afternoon) and let some morning air in: “MOM, MY FEET ARE SO COLD!”

Put socks on, I tell him. Get a blanket, I tell him. The rest of us don’t want to roast because you’re cold. (Ahem, while he’s wearing a sweatshirt, tee shirt, jeans, and somewhere around here he had a pair of socks in a ball, I haven’t looked to see if he actually put them on as I instructed.)

“MOMMY, it’s SO COLD enough now!” While rocking back and forth and having yawns forced out of his tiny, little face mid-cry.

“MOMMMMMYYYYY, that much wind is going to make the blinds BREAK! THEN YOU WON’T HAVE A BIRTHDAY!” (After finding Duncan, a pair of scissors, and destroyed blind strings, we were definitely less than happy campers. We bought a new set and Cameron announced “If you break these blinds, we will be buying you NEW blinds for your BIRTHDAY.” He’s now very aware of EVERYONE’s blinds. In the car: “Oh NO, Mom, they’re not going to have a birthday. LOOK at their blinds!”)

Ooh… moment of silence. It’s so quiet I can hear Rachael crunching her Fr– ah, nope. Spoke too soon. Step aside Wonder Woman and accompanying lasso… the new Wonder Woman’s in town. Saving the world… by ignoring one whiny child at a time.

What’s your superpower?

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