Packed the garage and food storage

Packed the garage and food storage

We worked HARD today. So much for poor Cam getting a vacation day! At least the garage is DONE, we have a few things left but we had worked from around 10:30 to past 6pm and it was beginning to upset the kids. We did go in for lunch but went straight back out, and then when dinner wasn’t ready at our normal time you could tell it wasn’t helping the family mood.

We did stop and get everyone fed and ready for bed. The kids watched a movie while Cam and I took turns for the shower. They’re in bed now and I feel like I can hardly bring my fingers to type! We’re beat.

My little-cousins (my cousin’s, Heidi’s, kids) are  here this coming weekend along with my Gma Cole! 🙂 I’m trying to hurry and pack as much unneeded junk as I possibly can as they don’t leave until the 19th, 3 days before the move! Yikes! But we’re excited to see them and have fun with them while Heidi and Sam (her husband) are on their cruise. 🙂

Little Mayci, the youngest, will be just six months. So, using that as a photo opp – here are my babes at six months.

Olivia, 6 months
Duncan, 6 months
Rachael, 6 months

How they’ve grown! 🙂 We know it’ll be a hectic 10 days, but honestly? I think it’s going to be fun!

Stay tuned for more packing tomorrow! Enjoy the “6-months” photos. 🙂

One thought on “Packed the garage and food storage

  1. Oh goodness… I remember Olivia being like that… seems hard to believe it was so long ago… I think I only saw Duncan once, when he was about a month old I think. Eep! It will be so good to see them!

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