Auntie Tessa (my sister) came to visit us after her fun at EFY in Provo! I picked her up Saturday morning and we trekked back to West Jordan to play until her flight the next day. We went to the park to have a picnic and to play, and I got some great photos. Tess’s friends from EFY lived not too far away and they came to visit with her. I don’t have many photos with Tess in them as I didn’t want to be the pesky, weird sister with the telephoto lens in her friends’ faces… my children won’t be so lucky, ha. And actually, once I move, no one will be as lucky as Tess was this time – I need to bulk up my portfolio! [Psst! TESS! Email me the photos you took of/with us! I’d love to post them!]

We had a great time at the park and Tess and I even got to go shopping later! What a fun weekend. Thanks for visiting, Tessa! We love you!

Click here to see the park photos!

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