The Grump at 16 months

The move is getting closer and closer and the boxes are piling higher and higher. It’s funny to think that Rachael will be 18 months old in August which puts her at almost the same age as Duncan when we moved to Utah three years ago. Though this move is happening about a month later, it’s hard to believe that Rachael will be that old, or that Duncan was ever that young!

The last few moves of my life (minus the move to Utah right before we got married) I’ve been at some stage of a pregnancy. I have to admit, seeing all these adorable babies popping up all over Facebook, all I have to do is smell cardboard and hear the rrrrrrrip of the packing tape and I’m ready for another. It’s like a sick mechanism in my Fertile Myrtle brain… sort of like when Fall arrives and I crave fresh new notebooks and sharpened pencils with fancy erasers. I have very weird, sensory-driven memories and “triggers”.

Regardless, every move I’ve done, we’ve had cute babies. And other than almost going into labor after trying to move my couch where I wanted it while pregnant with Duncan… the moves have all gone well. Let’s hope this one goes the same. Here are some of the cute shots from earlier moves. 🙂 Enjoy!

Click here to see all three kiddos during our past moves!

ETA: And no! I’m not pregnant. Darn. 😛

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