Once… twice… three times an Oregonian.

Once… twice… three times an Oregonian.

Not exactly a match on syllables but how exciting it is to be back home. 🙂 The green all around is almost overwhelming! We’ve been so busy with visiting and unpacking and trying to get things settled that I haven’t even gotten out my camera once. (Hard to believe, I know!)

I took some photos during the drive to Oregon (all 16 hours of it) but I have no idea where my SD card is that my mini SD card slides into – without texting I’m stuck. 😛 I’ll get those posted before long.

The kids are enjoying themselves, Daniel has the older two in Taekwondo, and Rachael is overcoming her random fear of cats. Funny how we never realized that she rarely EVER saw animals until we move in and Mom’s outdoor cat is suddenly receiving the same reaction as Cujo the killer St. Bernard.

This weekend my parents were in California and my sisters left Sunday morning for Tacoma, Washington, to visit Gma Cole and then head out to EFY for the rest of the week. We essentially have the house to ourselves, minus my brother popping in occasionally, and it’s been nice to not hear the fighting over whose turn it is to feed the dog or which jobs still need to be done! 🙂 I had forgotten how much FUN teenagers were! (Love you, girls, lol.)

Photos will be coming soon as we’ve got a LOT of awesome areas to use – all just waiting to be shot. 🙂

Hope your day is as green and relaxed as ours has been today.

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