For the month of September I’m going to try something new. A while ago I stumbled on this site from another blog (Mandajuice) and I did a few question and answer blog posts with it but I lost interest. This time I’m trying to find a way to boost myself back into my normal routine and this sounded right up my alley:


Hello, NaBlo members! The theme for September blogging is ART. It’s a theme that lets you post about art others have made that inspires you as well as the ways you bring the arts into your own life. It’s also a good theme for niche bloggers who have made an art of whatever it is they do, be it knitting, jousting, or growing heirloom tomatoes. Art is all around us if we know where to look.
If you’d like to give September blogging a try and want to be on the blogroll, click here and follow the instructions at the top of the page. (The blogroll will be updated at the end of the day.) I’m afraid the HTML badges aren’t ready yet, but when they are they’ll be here. As always, feel free to make your own and share them in the comments.
Welcome new members, and happy blogging!


So, here we go, let’s try this out, shall we?

ETA: I suppose my “art” choice for today would have to be blogging and the art of keeping up with it! UGH me, lol.

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