It’s taken me a while to post on this… for our anniversary this year we decided to splurge. We’re very into budgets and we use them for Christmas, birthdays, our anniversary, etc. Normally we don’t spend very much for our anniversary but after all we’ve been through this last year we decided it would be fun to do a little more this time. 🙂

This was our third anniversary so the gifts on the list were leather, crystal, or glass. I know the gifts don’t HAVE to be these things, but we’ve really enjoyed trying to find things for each other that go along with this. We fall into the habit all too often of just telling each other what we want for this birthday or next Christmas, etc. While it’s still fun to open gifts, it’s rare that we have a surprise gift unless one of us is being extra sneaky. 🙂 Using the anniversary gift list (I combine the modern and the traditional lists) we get to take more time than we normally would choosing each other’s gifts.

This year though, we decided to do things a little differently as I said above. Rather than leather (which is pretty expensive, and crystal too!) we chose “rugged” material sandals for hiking – something we’ve really gotten into lately. 🙂 Ever since Timpanogos Dad & T… 😉

We got a great deal on both pairs of Sandals and paired with Cameron’s Crystal Light Pink Lemonade gift… we met the requirements just fine. 😉 Unfortunately, we were having some camera issues because of the canopy the trees created, locking out a lot of the light in certain areas. I wanted to use my telephoto lens (why not?) but I haven’t picked up an external flash, this obviously created issues. Long story short, I never got a super clear shot of Cameron that included his sandals so I don’t have a good photo of his gift. 😦 (Eventually to last the trip without wanting to curse my new lens, I swapped back to my stock lens and happily survived the rest of the falls and photos.)

We took our new sandals, and excitement for some Oregon scenery, and hit the Trail of Ten Falls.

Here are our photos of our 3rd Anniversary Trip. (Click me!)

We had a great time and were happy to spend some quiet time – alone and together.

Love you, baboo. ❤

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