Game Night

Game Night

For October, I’ve decided to take another shot at NaBloPoMo since I… ahem, failed last month – I’ll try to keep up this time! This month the theme is PLAY, as you can see from the icon in my sidebar. One of the most obvious forms of PLAY is games. 🙂

We had a great time together with Mom, Todd, Sidney, Brinsley, Maddie, and Dan the other night! A lot of our time isn’t together with all the different schedules going on. When I was a kid, everyone was home at essentially the same time in the evenings. Dad got home at 5:00pm and we ate dinner and unless there were sports or other events going on, we generally all stayed home together for the rest of the night. Now that I’m a mom, my kiddos are young enough that they’re all home and we basically wait on our Daddy to join us. My siblings, however, are now old enough that they have other activities that sometimes keep them out through dinner and beyond. This was not the case for Saturday night and we had a blast!

We started with Aggravation, a game that’s a lot like Sorry!, on a board that Cameron made while he was serving his mission. The board is several different kinds of wood and beautifully done – kudos, hubbs. 😉 And, I might add, for the first time EVER – I WON! It was fantastic. We had a great time, “That’s what she said…”s and all!

We moved on to Jenga (JING-GAH, as my mom calls it) and then Topple which wasn’t a huge hit. But I think just spending the time together was nice for all of us. A break from the day-to-day in and out that we’re used to most nights.

What have you done with your family this week or this month that’s allowed you all a bit of break?

(I promise a more fun, photo-filled post for tomorrow.)

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