Day in the life.

Day in the life.

Just keeping it real. I’m not even going to say “excuse the mess”.

Every day that Olivia is gone at school we’ve been developing new routines. With two kiddos still at home full-time, aunties back in school, Mimi & Papa gone at work, and Daddy at his new job… there’s a lot of playing and intermittent napping. Some days I wish that order would reverse so we could end up with one of those dream days… lots of napping and intermittent playing… 🙂

Regardless, we play every day and it’s become a nice little routine on its own. We used to have a fairly rigid routine, we’d eat lunch the same time each day, leave the same time twice a day to drop off and then pick up Liv, and then we’d have a quiet time or lay-down-quietly-and-watch-a-movie-time-so-mama-has-a-break. But so far through this year we’ve been a little laid back. With more than half of our life still packed away in boxes, it’s different getting used to day to day life, but we’ve learned (I’m still… working on that… part…) to just let loose a little. We still do our preschool sheets, Rae still takes her two naps a day, mama still does 17,000 loads of laundry, and we all survive with our bits of Wii and Pocoyo – just not on any specific time. 🙂

Just taking it one day at a time. Life is good. 🙂

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