New digs

New digs

I’ve disappeared as usual and I fully and thoroughly apologize. Some days it just seems like I can’t wrap my brain around all that I’d LIKE to do. I say that because while there are days where I don’t carry out all that I’d like to, I always accomplish something everyday. One day I may not have time to sort through and put away all the laundry, but if I’ve laid down with my son on the family room floor and read library books, then I’ve accomplished something. If I’ve played with my daughter and read her favorite library book of the week 15 times, I’ve definitely accomplished something.

Throughout all these “tasks” that I try to include in my day, one of them is the blog. It’s up there on my Love To Do list but it’s also something that I have to put on the back burner when it comes to being with my kids and spending time together as a family. Okay and back burner to the Halloween Costumes…

Today, I got to start my morning with a very loud alarm, rushing Olivia off to catch the bus, and coming back home to lay in bed with the two remaining kiddos. What I thought was a pretty calm morning with one hyper boy and one runny-nosed baby turned out to be a day filled with one upset tummy. Some kind of bug has grabbed Rae and I’m just praying it’ll be over in 24 hours. I guess we’ll see.

One thing that this has allowed is a bit of mommy laziness, my favorite kind. Rachael is just like me when she’s sick – the only thing she wants to do ALL day is sleep. ALL day. She slept from 8:30 until after noon. She already looks so much better and if she’s willing to take a second nap I’m more than willing to let her. She may sleep a little lighter tonight but you can tell it’s helping.

With my new freedom of mommy laziness I decided to give the blog a face lift and am finally finishing up things like the about me & email and adding the new cooking categories! A lot has been going on and I’m hoping to get my junk in gear and write about some of it during the rest of this week. We’ll see, right?

Stay tuned for more this week! (And next week!)

PS: Check out this fun giveaway for a 2011 Sewing Calendar! Jessica, of Balancing Everything, always has great posts and awesome sewing projects, and today she’s offering a free giveaway! Go check her out and enter!

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