double-your Wednesday

double-your Wednesday

Since the photos next in line are minuscule, I figured I would post about some other things I’m working on around here. The kids pages have been updated and now include Christmas Lists for those who are wondering what to get and need some suggestions. My dad always was (and probably still is) big on lists for gifts and it’s something I’ve made my kids do as well. I’ll try to keep these updated as I hear things from Grandparents and based on things we pick up for them as well, but if you want to double-check before a purchase, feel free to email me. H

The kids (Liv & Dunc) were very involved with their lists this year, to the point where I had a hard time keeping up with them as they announced toys they liked, LEGOs they NEEDED (ha!), and big girl toys that she just couldn’t live without! Regardless, we survived. Rachael’s was a little more complicated. There are certain toys that she really likes and things that catch her eye (bunnies in particular). So I sat with her and we looked at pictures of toys and she pretty much wanted whatever happened to be on the screen – including rechargeable batteries. So in lieu of taking all the time to make a list for the child who apparently needs everything in the hardware, toys, and electronic sections – just look for pink LEGOs, toys shaped like bunnies, and littlest pet shop items. That about sums her up.

In addition to the kids pages being updated, I finally finished the “About & Email” section as well. My “Scrapbooking” page has stayed the same seeing as all my things are packed up and inaccessible anyway. “Herbivore Kitchen” remains untouched but with Thanksgiving coming up I plan to have plenty of yummy recipes to share. 🙂 Tomorrow I’ll be posting my Peanut Butter Oatmeal cookie recipe.

Now, back to finishing up October! On October 28th, Olivia had her Costume parade at school. Picture wise it’s incredibly difficult to actually catch anything – the kids speed through the hallway as the parents and extra staff watch and cheer them on. Meanwhile my younger two whine that they’re tired and that they wanted to wear THEIR costumes, whine, whine… but she had fun, that’s what counts, right? All three of them did really and left full of snacks and sweets. I suppose they would argue that that’s what REALLY counts. 🙂

Here are the photos from our costume-laden afternoon. 🙂 Enjoy! (Click here!)

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