“We don’t have like a hundred toes!”

“We don’t have like a hundred toes!”

Olivia has school off today and tomorrow due to conferences and we’re not scheduled until tomorrow’s chunk. This leaves us with two days of clothes-changing, wii-fighting, TV-watching, cat-feeding, laundry-washing, bed-making… well… you get the picture. To try and bite the boredom bug in the butt before she bursts into tears over it, I started her off this morning with some Tricky Math for Princesses.

After succeeding through the thousands and discussing Princess shortcuts she took a well-earned break. It’s amazing how fast she can rattle off the answers to simple math problems if her focus is on something else. Rather than how many times she’ll have to count on her fingers, it’s how many tricky 4 digit number problems she can solve in a row! What a peach. 😉

Tomorrow are conferences at her school – we’ll see how she does! 🙂 Until then, enjoy the photos. (Click here!)

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