Thankful for chaos? [for Tuesday]

Thankful for chaos? [for Tuesday]

ETA: Grr, why am I stuck in Eastern? It is NOT the 25th, WordPress! Resetting so it reads the correct date.

So, yes. In preparation for our long weekend in Lincoln City – I should have thought ahead. I should have posted in advance and set my nifty auto-poster… did I? Uhm, yeah, no. I didn’t.

So here I am, late, but that’s okay? Right? I’m posting and I’m going to make up for my missed day and I’ll post my “thankful” notes for both days.

Tuesday: The Beginning

In Oregon when we get “SNOW” (I use this word lightly for those of you who live somewhere where realCOUGHsnowCOUGH occurs) the world shuts down. Sure enough, Monday night there was a light dusting on the back porch and the gravel up front – the next morning? No school. Really people? I mean sure, the hills by our house were a little slick, but really? Call it a snow route day and have parents drive their kids in themselves! Oh well, regardless, it gave me an extra day to prepare to go on our small Thanksgiving trip.

With snow outside and a hot fire inside, I set to packing suitcases, juggling naptimes, and breaking up fights between two VERY bored children arguing over which movies to watch on Netflix. Here’s my list:

I’m thankful…

for cell phones and automated recordings left to tell weary mothers that there is no school today. Who wants to get up, get ready, and go out the door for nothing?

for a warm bed and roof over my head that make me want to crawl back IN to bed for the rest of the day. 🙂

for warm pajamas for my children so that I don’t have to worry if they’re warm enough. Nine times out of ten I’m more worried about Duncan stripping down to his skivvies (on purpose) to sleep!

for a family that loves us and takes care of us when we’ve needed a little helping hand.

for aunties to entertains children and love on squishy babies toddlers (sob).

for a husband who makes sure we have what we need – enough clothes to last 5 days in Lincoln City with no washer and dryer and a beach in sight! Get ready to get messy…

for endless amounts of paper so that I can obsess over lists that I probably won’t end up finishing or using in the end.

for finally finishing the rest of the packing.

for feeling good about sharing my baking with my family, enough so that after all the beginnings of chaos – I still want to cook two pies before collapsing into bed.

for a hubby who tries his hardest to support my constant worrying and obsessing over baking yummy treats and packing enough  panties/undies to last the children, pending a million just-in-cases.

Ahh! LIFE!

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