Thanksgiving Eve

Thanksgiving Eve

ETA: Grr, why am I stuck in Eastern? It is NOT the 25th, WordPress! Resetting so it reads the correct date. Anyone know how to fix this?

Today was almost as hectic as packing for 5 people for 5 days [again, with no washer or dryer] and reminding two teenagers [over and over and OVER] to pack their bags for the 7am departure! Maybe more than almost…

Wednesday: The Departure

We woke up at 6:20 and snuck around the bedroom trying to grab the last-minute items that we needed withOUT waking the sleeping toddler next to us. After Cam got dressed for work and ate breakfast, he started making trips to the car with all the luggage. I continued my runs around the house grabbing hats, boots, the gameboy, teddies, pillows, etc. We eventually made it out the door with my mom throwing extra gloves and scarves on top of the two pies I was already carrying. After living with my sisters, her husband, and my entire crew I think she may be a little nervous about having some REAL consecutive alone time. (Hi Mom!)

We drove Cameron to work, stopped off at Whole Foods to pick up some food so that I had something to eat for Thanksgiving, saw an old friend (been forever!), and headed over to Beaverton to see Dad and Grandma. We left to pick up Cameron from work and head to the beach at 3pm. We’ve been lounging around the beach house ever since. The cooking begins tomorrow. (Though the pie eating did begin tonight!)

Today, I’m thankful…

for a warm car to transport me through the Oregon winter, as mildly severe as it has been. It still IS cold!

for family that we are close enough to visit and for family that is just a note or phone call away.

for modern science and surgeons.

for visiting with my Grandma Cole and getting to spend time with her! (Screaming kiddos and all.)

for a dad and stepmom that have a fun full house to visit at a “vacation” zoned getaway.

for the anticipation of Thanksgiving dinner and the yummy pie to follow.

for a noisy family that I adore.

for a nice auntie who saved the day with her iPod and cell phone during the tough times of our drive.

for kids who don’t finish their pizza (so that I can scrape everything off and eat the yummy crust)!

for and their KILLER pie recipes! So good.


Off to bed for tonight. More tomorrow… SHOPPING to follow.

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