The Day After

The Day After

With full bellies we’re all fairly content around here! We went to the beach to stay far away from the cold water and got a lot of good photos. My camera was practically community property with how many photographers we had! It made the process really fun with lots of great shots. We’ll definitely have more coming since none of these included Tess or Tanya (Tess had school and work so the two of them came down Thursday afternoon instead of Wednesday with us). Enjoy the photos. (Click here!)

Today, I’m grateful…

for sisters.

for parents.

for grandmas.

for processed vegetable “turkey” that allows me to enjoy Thanksgiving along with the family.

for card games.

for a Grandma Tanya who has the magic touch with a certain sleepy baby. 😉

for killer sales (clothes for $2.50 a piece and a new winter coat for Baby for just $15)!

for an incredibly comfortable hide-a-bed to sleep on.

for left over Thanksgiving dinner lunches.

for family that we can spend (memorable) times with.

As chaotic as vacation can be, this one has definitely been fun. I’m glad it’s a longer weekend this time and that we’ll get to have more time than normal with all of our family here. Besides… that means more SKIPBOSPADESUNOPHASE10! Who could resist?


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