Christmas Cheer

Christmas Cheer

It’s officially after Thanksgiving and before Christmas – I think this time of year is the most wonderful “Holiday” of all. The wrapping, the advent calendars, the lights, the tree, the gifts, the music – everything! This has definitely been a wonderful season this year, I’ve certainly been enjoying it so far.

Cameron and Todd went out and picked up a tree last week, sort of last-minute really, and wow did they find a whopper! They managed to cut it perfectly so that when they brought it in the house and stood it up, it LITERALLY was centimeters from touching the ceiling. Go figure! We got it up fairly quickly and I set to decorating. We used 8 strands of new LED C7s and put up all the ornaments my Mom had including a few new ones for our family for 2010.

I’ve been slowly wrapping presents and enjoying every minute. We’re entirely done except for some last-minute changes that have given each kid about a dollar more – puzzle time!

Cameron’s not entirely done with me, but I’ve gone slightly over budget on his as usual. The only thing we’re missing is the Utah snow, though I’m not sure we’re entirely missing the snow on our insanely large hill right at the end of our street. If only I could find some soy nog…

Merry Christmas – let the holiday fun begin!

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