Goals & Ideas: Part II

Goals & Ideas: Part II

Note: I apologize for the late post, this was supposed to post on Friday. I was attempting to do something other than our normal Friday afternoon would typically involve. It partially worked – life’s a work in progress, right?

Part of what started the thought process for me was a post by Ashley Campbell on her blog Under The Sycamore. At some point I managed to stumble upon her blog though it feels so much like home I can’t remember when or how – all I know is I love it! She has such a lovely family and is so creative in everything that she does. I check her blog on a regular basis and love to read the posts she shares. One of my favorite posts was this one: goals… how to make ’em and break ’em. At last! Someone with kiddos, good morals, an eclectic BEAUTIFUL sense of style that shows, AND she wrote about goals on her blog. Amen sistah, amen! It helped me to take a look at my day-to-day and what it is that I’m really (or not really) accomplishing. I don’t know what it is about Ashley and her blog, but I am just smitten.

So – enter a little magic motivation to get over my slump. In the post above (“goals… how to make ’em and break ’em”) she talks about the different goals she tries to complete each week and I think it’s a great place for me to start. Ashley’s categories are a little different from mine but I think part of that is due to my limbo placement in the world right now. My creative side has been put on hold, my own little personal Hobby Lobby of junk is boxed up and in one of my parents’ garages, and I’m not in my normal spot where I would make goals more like hers.

My four categories are:

Something At Home

Something Creative

Something For Someone Else (I need work in this area. I also need to work on letting others do things for me. I’m not very good at that.)

Something For Each Kid

This week (Beginning Dec 19) I’ll try:

Something At Home: Mop the hardwood floors upstairs. I hate mopping. But the floors are so dirty, I know I’ll be so happy once it’s done. Honestly… it’ll take only a few minutes… but I’m starting small. I’ve mentioned before that I tend to overdo things. I’m trying to NOT do this, lol.

Something Creative: Olivia and I have already started on this project by working on a birthday gift for my stepmom. The goal in this area is to get time spent doing something with my hands and to just have a little creative venting. Granted, this could count for three areas but no cheating…

Something For Someone Else: This week Cameron will be my Someone Else. But since Cameron reads my blog (ahem, RIGHT?!) I won’t go into that any further. He’ll just have to be surprised. (Love you, Baboo.)

Something For Each Kid:

Olivia: Olivia loves to have time with JUST me, and with two other kids in the picture that gets to be a little complicated. This week I’m going to have some “girl time” and we’re going to trim and paint our nails together. Heck, maybe I’ll throw in some free lipstick time. That girl is more girl than I’ve ever been.

Duncan: Duncan loves to build things and to be creative with his toys. His new favorite thing is to tape two toys together to make new toys, i.e. a screwdriver taped to a TechDech, voila! “A fighting TOOL for Anakin.” He’s also been having the hardest time lately out of the three kiddos. He’s been feeling left out and misunderstood and this week I’m going to set aside a special time with Duncan that we can talk and listen – and build Legos. (Of course!)

Rachael: Rae is sometimes my hardest because of how smart she’s become. She wants so badly to be like sister and to color with markers, get her nails painted, shake her own cinnamon on her toast, etc. This week I’m going to let myself step back a little and let Rachael color with markers in a nightshirt, shake the heck out of the cinnamon over that toast, and maybe even get her toes painted. Her fun is more important than the extra time it’ll take me to wash her hands or wipe up a small spill.

I tend to get so caught up in the details that I can’t even sit still for a few minutes without doing something or having something significantly bother me because it’s not done or cleaned up. My anxiety seems to grab hold of me and just shakes until I respond. I’m trying to focus on the now and not the past or even the future. My kids are who they are today, I love them, they love me, and I should be focusing on spending time with them and making them feel loved and appreciated – not worrying about how many times I’ve folded the puppy blanket, re-diapered my potty-training-trying girl, or turned off a bedroom light. I want to be in the here and now for my kids and loving it. Getting myself to focus and do it is a different story.

Ashley shared this poem at the end of her post, what I want to give: presence,  that she posted last week and it really made me realize that these goals are going to help me be a better mom, help me be more relaxed and just be myself with my kids – to be more present. Something we could definitely use around here.

The cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow

But children grow up as I’ve learned to my sorrow.

So quiet down cobwebs; Dust go to sleep!

I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep.

– Ruth Hulbert Hamilton

2 thoughts on “Goals & Ideas: Part II

  1. I’m so jealous of your drive to get your goals in order. I’m finding that I’m having such a hard time sorting out priorities. To go to school or focus on work, to clean the kitchen or play catch with Andy… it just gets tough sometimes. And you have 3 little ones to work with! The poem actually brought me to tears. I didn’t sit down or play with Andrew hardly at all last night… I need to remind myself that he won’t always be this young…

    1. Aww, Kristin! I was on the verge of tears when I read the poem and really felt like a wake up call to me. I think we get so caught up in everything else it’s hard to prioritize – I may have written it all down but it’s only Monday… LOL, haven’t done any of them yet! I’m working at it! 🙂 I won’t be going back to school this semester but I know how it felt the last time I was in – it does have to be a priority and it’s NOT easy trying to divide time with kids, house, school, S.O., etc.

      Hang in there mama, you are SO loved and I’m positive Andy knows his mama loves him more than anything. 🙂 Speaking of which – we need to get together! We should do it at a McD’s or somewhere, have all of us get together with the kiddos and invite Dave and Christina along too. Love you! Hang in there! 😉

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