What’s in your bag?

What’s in your bag?

Here’s my bag – and YES! It all fits!

Pretty self-explanatory right there – can never be too prepared, right? Normally I’d have a few other things in there as well and on Sundays my quad slips in there too. Some days I don’t know how I survived without this bag. The purse even washes well in the washing machine! What more could a mama ask for?

Nook note: Yes, I still have my Nook. No, it’s not broken. Yes, I still use it. No, I do not buy books. Therefore – when this series was up on my reading list and it wasn’t available through the Oregon Digital Library Consortium, it went on hold at my library and I’m reading it in good ol’ paperback. Believe it or not, normally my purse holds my Nook (and case) as well!

PS: Okay, maybe I can see how men don’t understand purses. The real question is – if I didn’t use a purse and had just a wallet instead… who would carry all of this?

What’s in your bag?

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