Handmade Gifts

Handmade Gifts

ETA: These photos were taken the beginning of December but I couldn’t post them until we had given Grandma Tanya her gift – can’t give it away!

This year we’re trying our hand at handmade gifts. For Grandma Tanya’s birthday Olivia wanted to use one of the crafting kits we had and she made her a heart-shaped “stained glass” jar. This was a hit and miss considering how many times Olivia gave up in frustration due to some less than desirable stained glass paint. She painted the design onto the jar but only picked the stained glass colors and placement while mommy did the actual painting – “But it’s TOO hard. It just goes everywhere mom, it’s okay.” It all worked out and turned out beautifully – a perfect present for Grandma Tanya. Olivia was very proud of her work. Here are the photos from our project! (Click here!)

Happy Birthday [belated now!] Grandma Tanya! We love you!

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