In an effort to give myself something creative and constructive to do I turned to Etsy and fell head over heels for Wild Olive! Everything in her shop makes me want to hole up with a warm blanket and soft pillow, propped up over an embroidery hoop…

For my début project designed by Miss Mollie of Wild Olive: BUCKY!

I made Bucky for my sister’s 18th birthday. Part of my “goals” this year was to make handmade gifts for birthdays and the like and so far, so fun! Bucky was made using this FREE pattern from Mollie’s blog and went together so easy! Being that my sister’s current school mascot is a Beaver, I couldn’t resist the buck-toothed cutie and so Bucky was born.

I’ve also made two other stuffed cuties but can’t post them because they haven’t been received yet! (Christina! We MUST get together soon!) I have plans for two more but the next ones are going to take a little more “winging” and a lot more creativity than just following the pattern. Custom designs from AWESOME patterns can be a challenge… but I’m looking forward to this one.

I’ll share more as I move forward… tomorrow? Let’s talk Embroidery of the Month Club!

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