Setting an example

Setting an example

I try to be completely honest on my blog. “Keeping it real”, you might say. So when it comes to all the pretty papers, fancy packaging, ribbons and shiny bows that accompany all birthdays, Christmases, and gift-giving holidays there is one thought that never fails to cross my mind…

thank you notes.

Again: honesty. I do NOT like thank you notes, lol. Ahh! There it is! I said it!

Regardless, I do think that they’re an important part of receiving a gift, as well as a great way to teach children about being thankful and really appreciating the person who gave them the gift. My reason for not liking thank you notes has nothing to do with the actual thank you note, as I said above I completely agree with the idea of principle of them. My reason is purely a Melissa-can’t-keep-track-of-her-own-brain reason. I obsess over things, they become chores not fun, and because of that they’re always late. I overdo it, a lot, which overwhelms me.

This year, I am determined to make this at least a little better! We’re starting with fun stationery. I searched on Etsy and fell in love with numerous adorable sets of PDF stationery but in all reality… we have a lot of birthdays and holidays and I know I’m going to get antsy with familiar stationery after the first couple of holidays. But they’re so cute, I had to share:

OWLS! (Link here.)

Holiday Thank-You’s (Link here.)

GIRL, need I say more? (Link here.)

And octopus! (Link here.)

Unfortunately, I know how I am, so I chose to take inspiration from these cutecutecute cards and make our own stationery to send our to say our thank-yous. Each receiver got to have their own custom header:



And Rae: 

While they’re not Etsy-chic, I love that they’re very unique to each of the wee ones. We’ll see how thank-you’s turn out this time…

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