Twirly Scarf

Twirly Scarf

The scarf came together really easily and had easy instructions that even I could manage. Despite the fact that I’ve been crocheting for a looooong time – I found myself looking up YouTube videos to double check that my stitches were right. I think that learning to knit after not crocheting for a while really messed with my stitch recall. Regardless, check out the pattern (click here!) and you’ll see what I mean!

The first scarf came together so easy in fact that I decided to do a mother daughter version with the first one white and the second a fun rainbow variegated for the kiddo. The original pattern tells you to chain just 75 stitches, but I think I went on to chain 108 (not sure why 108 exactly – they’re both divisible by three, I swear I’ve got OCD issues) to get a better longer fit for the mama. I think the length worked out well. For the daughter’s scarf I chained 75 and it worked well, plus kids are cute no matter how many times you have to wrap the length around them!

The ruffles that twirl throughout the scarf were easy to create, seeing as you really didn’t have to do anything to get it to happen! I was worried that I’d have to try and flip my work at some point and continue and that “Easy” was really a way to say HA – YER STOOPID.

It’s been nice working with my hands on tangible crafts. Don’t get me wrong but cleaning up after nine people just isn’t cutting it as something progressive and fun that I can do. Let’s see what else I can whip up! More on “the Bee” later. 🙂

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