birthday treats!

birthday treats!

Just because I’m a vegan doesn’t mean I can’t dip my toe in the world of omnivore cooking and baking… or melting? (No, I won’t be partaking of any of the treats but my Star-Wars-crazy boy will! And our guests.)

For Duncan’s birthday this year I’m making Star Wars chocolates. Among the other goodies that will be served, these are the ones I’m most nervous about. On the other hand, as I’m making them – they’re becoming the biggest accomplishment! Duncan couldn’t care less about the fact that in three days we’re having pizza or playing games – Mom’s making chocolates NOW, this is SO much better.

I bought the Star Wars molds off of eBay, along with an order of sticks and bags for the suckers. I think the suckers will end up being my DIY thank yous to all our little guests as the party ends. I have a few of my friends (some with kids, some without) coming to visit during the get together, so these aren’t just for the kiddos!

Being my slightly-OCD-anxious self, it’s been a pain to guess and check the whole process of making these chocolates. I looked up a bunch of different sites regarding the how-to and so far it’s going all right. Well, better than all right – I just have issues with activities that don’t involve measurements and exact times. But for a vague activity this one has been rewarding. I’m even thinking about dabbling in colored chocolates for the girls’ birthdays… maybe… we’ll see…

Before long I’ll be finished and can focus more on the fact that I have no cupcake liners, cake pans, wax paper, frosting recipes, and a deadline of Friday night! Go me! Way to be totally unprepared spontaneous!

Happy almost birthday Dunc!

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