is February 25th, 2011. And I am [finally] 25 years old.

For some reason I felt 25 coming for some time.

Yesterday it finally did.

Birthdays feel new and refreshing – almost like a mini New Years but with presents and vegan cupcakes and So Delicious Coconut [ice] Cream.

A mini New Years? Does this mean a resolved absolution to begin again with my week-daily posting?

Probably not. Awful awful, I know. But I sure will try.

On another note, my birthday was great. Especially when it was followed by having your bum handed to you while playing Beatles Monopoly with a REAL banker. I ran the Monopoly money, but his strategy trumped every time. (I don’t think the turn where I rolled my third try for doubles to get out of Jail, lost, paid my fine, hopped down the squares to land on “The Fab Four” and was then sent BACK to jail. I’m even clumsy in games.)

(I proceeded to draw ANOTHER Go To Jail card before the end of the game.)

More is coming about my birthday but considering how behind I am in birthday photos this month, I’ll start with Duncan’s photos first.

To all  my family and friends: Thank you so much to all of those that called//Facebook-ed//texted and said Happy Birthday to me yesterday. In any form. I love you all.

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