The day after

The day after

While it’s not actively snowing like it did yesterday, we still have a lot of the residual not-so-fluffy leftovers from this:


Oh, internet.

I waited three LONG days for the snow and ice to melt off the front of my truck just two days ago. While it was raining a torrential downpour on the hood of my car yesterday morning, I was doing the happy dance watching the last bits of anything that could be left – erased by the rain. Then nature bit back and laughed as she covered it all back up. Oh well. If we were still in Utah we’d be FAR from done with the snow at this point.

Meanwhile, the rest of Oregon:

Just kidding.

It’s drizzling outside now, but definitely not snowing. Let’s just hope it keeps up this stereotypical Oregon weather and doesn’t freeze itself back into a Utah Wonderland [lite]. After three years of white birthdays, at least my turning “a quarter of a century old” wasn’t christened with the white stuff.

I could definitely get used to that.

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