Wednesday [and Duncan’s birthday]

Wednesday [and Duncan’s birthday]

My now normal up at 5:30am schedule has been getting better. This morning, while I shot out of bed when the alarm went off, I got so little sleep the past few nights that I couldn’t keep my eyes open! So basically, I got up at 5:30am to read two blogs and pass out until 6:24am. Not exactly my point with all of this! But on the bright side, at least I’m up and at least and I’m making an effort, right?

Thank HEAVENS  – there is school today! As much as I hate to make Olivia get up early every morning, she was going stir crazy yesterday. They got so loud that I made all three of them go back to Olivia and Duncan’s room and watch a movie together – just so I could try to keep a bit of sanity. Now today will be a little quieter without big sister, but my stepdad isn’t home so I’ll let go of the reigns just a little. I’m sure the two little ones will enjoy getting some wiggles out this afternoon – perhaps it won’t be a little quieter without sister!

Enough with the chit-chat! Now to the fun… birthday photos! (Click here!)

Duncan’s birthday was the seventh of February and his party was a couple of days before. We had a blast! Got to see old friends, catch up, play a few games, open presents, pizza and cake – the whole deal! Thank you to all that came to celebrate with us and for the gifts you brought for the big 5-year-old, we’re so blessed to be surrounded by such great friends and family.

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