February Birthday #2: Rachael

February Birthday #2: Rachael

I’m so birthday-ed out! And behind… but nonetheless, here are the photos from Rachael’s 2nd birthday! I’ve recently switched to Flickr Pro so I’m still deciding whether I should switch back to displaying each photo and it’s comments or continuing to post the links. Tonight, it’s a link (pay attention, dad!) due to time constraints  and needing to play with different ideas. Regardless – there are still photos and there always will be! 😉

Rachael turning two was wonderful and sad all at the same time. Olivia and Duncan are only 20 months apart so when Olivia turned two, I already had another little one. Yes, a bit close for comfort but we lived and our little “surprise” and his big sister loved each other and seemed to be the perfect distance apart.

Duncan and Rachael, however, were quite the distance apart. We tried earlier for our third but our time wasn’t the right time and before long we did end up having our now BIG two-year-old. But, as I said, now Rachael’s two and my baby-lust meter is off the charts…

No we’re not pregnant. No this is not an announcement. But I’d pay money to the person who can convince me that after our next, and last, addition that I won’t have this feeling all over again when we’re wishing the next one “Happy Two Years Old”.

Ahh, motherhood.

Happy Birthday Rae. We love you.

(Click here to see more photos!)

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