The Last Birthday

The Last Birthday

Now I have The Last Unicorn by America looping through my head… man, I LOVED that movie. Shout out to the 80s!

Anywho… here are the photos from my birthday on the 24th! (Click here to see more photos!)

My birthday is always the easiest to post about – mostly because if it’s my birthday, Cameron holds the camera and he takes about one 100th of the number of photos that I do.

Plus, earlier on my birthday, Cam had me open my gifts from him and the kids and one of them was a new external flash for my camera! Woo! I’ve been eyeing one of these for a while to go with my telephoto lens that I got for our Anniversary? Not birthday? Can’t remember, oops. (Baboo, was it on our anniversary? I thought it was in August when Brin was visiting us in Utah?) So anyway, since neither of us had time to test out the new flash, the photos are easy to choose from, let’s just put it that way.

All in all it was a GREAT birthday with Beatles Monopoly, Beatles Trivial Pursuit, a lens cleaning kit, my external flash for the Nikon, a yoga mat, peppermint shampoo and soaps, an insulated reusable grocery bag from Whole Foods, a new [wooden] hairbrush, cards (and a little spending money too!) from family and friends and my usual (score!) ROSS gift card – and I’ve heard there’s more from those who weren’t there the night of my birthday! I have been SO blessed this year with family and friends that love me and I’m very very grateful.

Thank you! To all my family and friends – we love you!

[More about the vegan cupcakes coming up!]

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