Happy Birthday Great Papa! & random ramblings

Happy Birthday Great Papa! & random ramblings

Tonight my stepdad’s family came over to celebrate Great Papa’s birthday (stepdad’s father) and we had a great time! I took photos but my phone died shortly afterwards and I wasn’t able to switch them over in time. I’ll post them tomorrow. In the meantime, in other news, here are a few cuties that I’ve discovered while digging through my photos.

Baby Rae (2009)


Olivia @ Thai Angel (2007)
Duncan's 3-year-old Photos (2009)
Duncan & Rachael (2009)
Rachael & Olivia (2009)

So many good memories with these little stinkers. Got some great photos tonight at the party and it amazes me how much they’ve grown. Rachael can hardly be considered a “baby” anymore and Duncan and Olivia are right behind her! One day I’ll look back at photos like this and they’ll all be old, I’ll be all wrinkly, and will end up calling them to yak on and on about “the old days”.


If we even have phones that dial anymore.

Maybe I’ll telepathically use the chip in my brain to direct my thoughts to them and play my memories back like a film reel.

Or drive in my automated hover-mobile to their house and zoom inside like on The Jetsons.

Or just call them on a ridiculously outdated cell phone which I will refuse to give up in my crotchety old age.

Regardless, one things for sure…

… they’ll still complain. 🙂

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