On the floor

On the floor

While Duncan, Rachael, and I are almost always in the same room throughout the day, we’re always doing our own things during down time. Rachael loves Dora and playing with Princesses, Duncan loves the Wii and building to his heart’s content with Legos, I work on my blog and my new hobby, indexing. We’re all there, but we’re all apart if that makes sense. Sometimes the kids play together, sometimes they play alone – each one is fine, we all need our own space sometimes. But I try my best to mix it up. Whether it’s reading to Rachael, building with Duncan, or mediating group play with all three of us – I like to make sure we get time both alone AND together.

On this particular Monday I gently tried to push for Rachael and I to join Duncan in building K’nex. This kid amazes me – he’s so sensitive to his sister’s needs and still continues to love and cuddle with Rachael, despite her phases of being two, i.e. the “No!” *smack* response to anything she doesn’t like. Two-year-olds. Le sigh. Duncan loves his sister and you know she knows it because she adores him.

We built all kinds of fun things – a hovercraft (done by Duncan, almost all of it alone except for the last few pieces), a jet ski, a “flower girl” – we have so much fun on the floor.

(Click here to see the photos!)

When was the last time you got down on the floor?


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