The last week

The last week

As I posted last week, we put in applications on an apartment in Tigard and we have officially been accepted! We’re finishing up the final paperwork and waiting as it goes in for its last look over. We should know tomorrow or Thursday. Nothing like a bit of last-minute planning, right? On the bright side, the leasing agent/manager/etc. has been doing this for a while and has given us a pretty dependable time line that has worked so far. We can at least depend on the fact that she’s done this before and knows what to expect for the most part.

So the prospective move, if everything goes as planned – which it should, is this Saturday. We’ll pick up the truck at 8:30am and load at about 9:15-9:30am. If we get a few people to help, we asked our Elders’ Quorum President to find a few people that’d be willing to help, then the move should go pretty quickly at the beginning. If you know Mormons and moving, we could have that truck loaded and ready to go within the next 30-40 minutes.

Then we’re off to meet the apartment manager at 11am and we’ll have KEYS! Keys of our own!

More tomorrow. 🙂

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