We live!

We live!

We made it!

Yes, there are still boxes in my house. Yes, my half bath is still a storage room. Yes, I haven’t been on and social and updating the blog – moving is hard. Moving when you think you’ve prepared yourself and finding out how wrong you are? That’s harder.

I knew that it was going to be tight when we moved in here. The new apartment is about 50 square feet less AND does not have a garage. It’ll be fine, I thought – Cameron’s big tools can be stored with Dad. Everything else can be stored in the new place or hidden somewhere in plain sight. Right?

After a day of moving – including loading at mom’s, driving to the new apartment, unloading, driving to Dad’s, reloading, driving back to the new place, unloading again (THANK YOU to everyone who helped us move! WE  LOVE YOU!) – we were left with something that resembled a home on Hoarders. (Thanks for the comparison, Tay! Ha!) Boxes lined the hallway and filled (literally!) the dining and family rooms. The master and two bedrooms had beds – and then boxes. Boxes everywhere. And not just we-just-moved-in-sit-down-and-excuse-the-boxes type everywhere, but WOW, do you HAVE a couch somewhere amongst this cardboard?

Regardless of the mountainous boxes and such, the unpacking quickly began. The first night I was up until 1am and I finished the main bathroom and had made good, strong progress on the kitchen. Now, three weeks later, every room in the house is done except for the master bedroom and the master bath – I mean, the storage room. Le sigh. I work hard every day, chipping away at unneeded clothes, toys, empty boxes, broken items – things we’ve held onto this whole time for no particular reason. Things that were weighing us down.

Is it completely done and perfect? No.

Have I made progress? You betcha!

Is this whole LONG process driving me insane? SLOWLY, but surely!

Regardless of all the madness, exhaustion, frustration with mending routines and creating new ones – we’re all adjusting wonderfully. As long as it could take to finish, I’m just thankful we’ve come this far and are still moving forward. One step at a time.

Photos are coming soon. 🙂

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