Easter Day

Easter Day

We had a wonderful Easter this year, as rushed and unplanned as it felt to me, we all really enjoyed it. Normally Easter can be tricky depending on what hour of church we’re attending that year. One year we postponed the celebration due to church at 9am and during the third hour, Cameron snuck home and bunny trailed our apartment. While still fun, there were many downsides to this version of Easter morning.

In our new apartment, our ward starts at 2pm! Normally a HORRIBLE time for church, it worked wonders for Easter morning! We were able to wake up (still early thanks to the kids) without an alarm and really focus on just having a good morning with the kiddos. Letting them open and see what The Bunny had brought, and then we still had plenty of time to get ready and head to church for the more important Easter messages.

Here are more photos of our fun Easter morning and homemade Easter dinner. 🙂 Enjoy. (Click here!)

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